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Kinetic Videos 

 Kinetic videos grab a viewer’s attention quicker and holds it longer. Instead of just having a viewer glance at a piece of stationary text and maybe miss the point of the message completely, it is more engaging to have the text moving and is often accompanied with animations and images to tell a story or to communicate an idea via multiple elements. The viewer will be more likely to absorb the information and watch and read longer because they will be curious as to what happens next. Stationery typography is predictable where as kinetic typography engages the viewer because who knows what will happen next.


 Using visually stimulating colours and fonts reflecting your brand values, with thought-provoking headlines and cleverly scripted copy, you will engage your targeted consumer.

Using your social networks as an advertising medium means that people actively choose to watch your advert. Therefore, using kinetic typography videos increases your chances that consumers will follow up on your call to action. 

With prices starting at just £95.00 we make it simple for you to have your very own promotional video.

Take a look at some of the examples below produced both with and without voiceovers.

High quality, low cost video production. Turn your website visitors into customers with a high impact , low cost video commercials

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