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What makes these different from anything anyone has seen before, is we’re using The Proven Power of “Breaking News” in a Fun and Effective way…

News viewership is at record levels, and we’ve noticed that Big Money Advertisers like IBM and Travelocity (among others) are incorporating “Breaking News” into their marketing and advertising… and it works!! Each video can be customised to your business and can be integrated with an existing video or used as a “stand alone” video.

Check Out The Examples Below


These “Breaking News Stingers” Can be used to “interrupt” your video with ” A Breaking News Story” they are proven to be powerful and attention grabbing. Each video can be customised to your business.

Check Out The Examples Below


Add a customized message to any of the above videos, we can add contact details, calls to action, any message you like customized to your own requirements, please contact us to discuss all of the options available.

High quality, low cost video production. Turn your website visitors into customers with a high impact , low cost video commercials

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